Mr. Rubin Beqo

Tulla Cultural Center, Tirana, Albania

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Mrs. Anna Petrachi

Cantieri Teatrali Koreja, Italy

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The Mayor is the executive body of the Local Government Units. He exercises all the competences to perform the functions of the municipality, implementing the decisions of the Local Council.

  • 2.1 Contact the Mayor
  • 2.2 Decisions – Urdhra


The administration of the Municipality works under the responsibility of the Administrator, appointed by the Mayor. The administration is responsible for all the administrative procedure and related services offered to citizens, the territorial management according to its competences.

  • 3.1 The Municipality Administrator
  • 3.2 The Districts Administrators
  • 3.3 Organisation chart
  • 3.4 Statistics
  • 3.5 Staff


The Community Bodies in the urban areas are the Local Councils, created on voluntary basis by member living inside the administrative unit of the Municipality. The community council can chose among its members, the community coordinators as representative and responsible for the organisation of the work of the council.
The Community Bodies in the rural areas are composed by the village council and the head of the village. The village council, voted by the village citizens, has the right to choose among its members the head of the village.

  • Urban area
    • Citizens councils
    • Representative members

  • Rural area
    • Village Councils
    • Head of the Villages