Keystake-holders groups include all level of governance, business and service area, final consumers, research and academia. We have harmonized the framework with the objective to close the gap between R&D, funding opportunities, product deployment and service delivery.

  • Central Government
  • Local Government
  • Government Agencies
  • NGO
  • Financial Sector Institutions
  • Industrial Sector and Manufacturing
  • Energy & Gas
  • Buildings and Service Sector
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Education system and schools
  • Healthcare System
  • Hospitality sector and tourism
  • Start-up and Innovation
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Knowledge and Technology Transfer
  • Training-Testing-Certification
Smart Buildings

Smart building concept is based on technology that uses hardware, software and connectivity to create a comfortable environment for occupants and also reduce operation costs. Our technology offers user-friendly interfaces for the maximum user convenience.

Smart Utilities

Energy efficiency and operations service delivery are the main objectives for utility companies. Connected sensors throughout the grids of gas, electric and water improve data gathering and analysis for better performance. Smart utilities employ the Internet of Things (IoT) approach for better optimization and high-quality services.

Smart Manufacturing & Construction

Smart manufacturing is the new industrial revolution also known as Industry 4.0. It is a technology-driven approach that utilizes IoT machinery to monitor and managing the production process. Our objective is to embed sensor in manufacturing machines to collect data, to analyze and benchmark solutions for optimization and product quality enhancement.

Smart Retail & Logistics

Smart retail and logistics together have a vas opportunity in terms of augmented infrastructure and technology. The combination of e-commerce, logistics, in-store automation and loyalty program gives us the opportunity to measure and deliver on quality products and services with exceptional results in an optimized, decentralized and transparent sales and deployment processes.

Smart Governance

Our Smart governance solutions offer the opportunity to use technology, data collection and innovation to facilitate and support decision making and improving public services.

Smart Education

Our Smart education framework offers an educational system that allows students and trainees to learn by using up-to-date technology. SCL’s approach in using visual and simulation technology is considered highly effective and helps establish a deeper understanding of knowledge-based services potentials.

Smart Finance

SCL uses data analysis to define financing opportunities in collaboration with funding partners. Smart finance tools are personalized business studies to set out business models that seemed un-accessible before. Our one-stop solution for all customer financing needs, offer companies alternative financing, personalized advice, monitoring and training.

Smart Healthcare

In collaboration with our partners, we offer technology to dynamically access information, connect people and institutions related to healthcare. Our IoT technology brings smart applications in healthcare, from remote monitoring to smart sensors to improve the service care delivered towards patients.