Smart City Lab will be a Hub for the smart city that through technology, innovation and systems will try to facilitate and improve the lives of citizens, but also optimize and make profitable the use of resources and minimize the impact on the environment.

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Energy Efficiency and Resources
This is a vertically integrated lab focused on delivering from sector-specific engineering solutions to energy management technology applications. This lab operates as a one-stop-shop to help third parties navigate the complex regulatory process for renewable energies, complete consulting and advisory services and also supervision of works for the most effective energy infrastructure solutions implementation.
Gas Emissions
Environmental Solutions
Construction and MEP systems
The MEP and BIM lab is a structure specialised in ofering state of the art design, consultancy and supervision works in the construction sector. This lab has a research and development approach in testing and analyzing construction materials performance. The team is made of architects and engineers with a thorough experience in research and development area and equiped with state of the art testing and monitoriong technology.
The mobility lab is specialized in offering smart technical and logistical solutions for improving flexibility, access and cost reduction towards a more sustainable mobility sector. This lab is equipped with simulation tools and state of the art software and experts to ensure effective and innovative solutions.
The IoT lab is a mix of technology and interdisciplinary experts to offer high quality services. The objective of this lab is to find innovative solutions through data gathering, data analysis and benchmarking optimization scenarios that cannot be capitalized through traditional analytical methods.

Activity Axis


We offer integrated consultancy services for Building Retrofitting Solutions, MEP systems design, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy...

Our consultancy and engineering team is specialized in:

a) Consultancy for project proposals
b) Analysis and Benchmarking for specific investments
c) Preparation of technical proposals and final design


Feasibility study is an effective service to assess an investments economic sustainability and practical risk estimation for energy efficiency measures implementation. The business plan is focused on the financial and operational analysis...

Our experts and business applications unit is specialized in:

a) Due Diligence Services
b) Identification and application for funding and grants
c) Preparation of dossier and presentations for financing and investments


Through strong partnership with international and european manufacturers and service providers for equipments and technology we are able to deliver complex projects, asset managment, sensoring and monitoring technical systems, optimization and automation of processes, with state of the art holistic approach, in accordance with the clients needs...

Our equipment and technology allows us to offer services for:

a) Energy management systems
b) Process automation systems
c) Operation and maintenance of technical systems in buildings and industrial installations.
d) Certified and EU standards measuring and testing instruments
e) Certified construction and technological materials


We are an internationally certified and accredited laboratory for technical systems and construction materials conformity testing and certification. Our infrastructure and staff know-how allows us to offer an effective and accurate service in accordance to EU standards and directives...

Our testing and certification laboratory is specialized in:

a) Energy Performance Certification for buildings
b) Energy Performance Certification for industrial installations
c) Testing and certification of building materials and technological product
d) Testing and certification of industrial plants for building materials and technologicalproduct manufacturing


Through our venture investors and our established innovation hubs we assist individuals and start-ups with innovative ideas and young entrepreneurs. Our development process is based on a holistic approach to commercialize the idea through mentoring and product testing, service effectiveness assessment, productivity and rentability assessment by developing detailed business plans...

These services focues on three pillars:

a) Open innovation hub facilities and products & service development
b) Knowledge transfer, technology and practices.
c) Incubator and Start-up development


Backed up by one of the best universities and professional training institutions in Albania, we work with exceptional professionals and lecturers, qualified and with extensive experience in the academic and private sector...

Our main education and training focuses in:

a) Professional courses for building and engineering technicians
b) Qualification, Testing and accredited certification
c) Continous training and network development


Energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and digital economy are the pillars development strategies in the future. Energy efficiency and process optimization to decrease energy demand, sucessful product deployment and provide adeguate tailor made services have a very important role to play in the dynamic changes of global economy and social wellfare...

We thrive and offer services to facilitate connection between all stakeholders through:

a) Public communications campaigns through media network
b) Awareness and social responsibility
c) Creation of communities and network.



  • Energy Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Surveys


  • Design & Supervision
  • Business planning
  • Operation & Maintenance


  • Energy performance certification
  • Product testing and certification
  • Industrial plant conformity testing and certification


  • Trainings
  • Testing & Certification
  • Network development


  • Project coordination and managment
  • Financial and Legal managment
  • Technical expertise
  • Communication services



  • Data Analysis
  • Software development
  • Process optimization



  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Product deployment


By working closely with our clients, Smart City Lab has an integrated and holistic approach of the team in each project. After an initial meeting with the project team comprizing of account management unit, engineering experts, project managemet unit and the financial and legal unit, we follow a detailed and accountable engagement toward the client by developing strict protocolls, tailor-made schedules and establish step-by-step progress reporting practices. Our team will undertake all necessary steps to identify, analyze, implement and monitor the development and successfull project delivery.


1. Preliminary energy assessment (PEA)

The preliminary energy assessment process for the existing conditions and potential energy savings scenarios. Preliminary calculation of installation costs and operational costs.

2. Inital Energy Analysis and Business plan modelling (IGA)

A holistic analysis of the initiatives in energy efficiency and renewable energy system investments, most often based on the best scenarios derived from the initial PEA.

3. Contracting

Based on the detailed results of the actual energy analysis assessment and the clients requirements, we develop tailor made contracting responsabilities and agreement. This contract will result in a design&construction contract or in an energy service provider contract. When financing is required by the client there are additional features for the financing cost assessment opportunities.

4. Detailed Engineering and System design

Our engineering team of experts will deliver an integrated system design with all detailed specifications and system management features and protocols.

5. Project Implementation Plan

Based on the clients requirements we offer a detailed step-by-step project implementation planning and progress overseeing of the project.

6. Implementation phase

Smart City Lab is the general contractor on site with detailed responsabilities to oversee and progress management.

7. System comissioning

All installed systems are tested and certified to secure all established technical specifications.

8. Operation staff training

When necessary, our staff is certified to train and operate all new installations in accordance with the technical specifications and operation protocols.

9. Testing, Monitoring and Verification

When necessary and requested from the client we perform periodical testing and monitoring for an appropriate energy management and actual economical savings assessment

10. Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

If required Smart City Lab will offer all operation and maintenance services in order to support the client for desired deliverables.

The institutes have as their function the performance and promotion of high quality applied scientific research.

As part of the agenda for the modernization of higher education in Albania, the institutes aim to help the university meet the requirements of the standards and criteria of the European system for quality assurance.

The increased importance of knowledge and the role of the university in incubation of technology-based firms has given it a more prominent place in the institutional firmament.

Scientific research is oriented towards applications in the social and economic life of the country and beyond, aiming at the development of innovations and the continuous growth and training of human capital, increasing and strengthening the opportunities and qualities of expertise.

The entrepreneurial university takes a proactive stance in putting knowledge to use and in broadening the input into the creation of academic knowledge.

Thus, it operates according to an interactive rather than a linear model of innovation.

As firms raise their technological level, they move closer to an academic model, engaging in higher levels of training and in sharing of knowledge.

The quintuple helix model can be seen as an enhancement of the quadruple helix perspective that not only focuses on the actors from academia, government, and industry, but also recognizes the increased role played by civil society and its environment.

Government acts as a public entrepreneur and venture capitalist in addition to its traditional regulatory role in setting the rules of the game.

Moving beyond product development, innovation then becomes an endogenous process of “taking the role of the other”, encouraging hybridization among the institutional spheres.

The Quadruple Helix Model highlights the importance of society participating in research and innovation. Citizens actually are Major Actor in National Innovation Systems.

Today, involving the citizens in research, development, and innovation is the dominant paradigm both in international STI-policy and in innovation research. The concept forms the backbone of several national innovation policies, strengthening regional innovation systems and enabling better evaluation of research organizations and research proposals.

Quintuple HELIX

The synergy that will be created in the model of Quintuple Helix model of cooperation throw – Industry and Business / Governance and Public Administration / International Organizations and Donors / Citizens and Consumers / Academia and Institute.

Our approach is based on the Quintuple Helix. The framework describes university-industry-government-public-environment interactions within a knowledge economy. The Quintuple Helix model is a new perspective of the ‘’natural environments of society’’.

Initiatives & Best practices